Saturday, May 12, 2012

wes is five!

my middle man turned 5 yesterday.  he was counting down the days, and by the time friday arrived he was ready.  i normally CANNOT get him out of the bed in the mornings.  i had no problem on this day!  maybe we should have birthdays once a week.  it would make my life much easier!!  he has been asking for a dog for his birthday for months.  i couldn't talk his daddy into it, so he ended up with a fish.  he loves it.  he may love it too much.  we've discussed multiple times that you can't take him out to pet him, but i'm not sure he cares.  here's to hoping goldie makes it a week.

he started out celebrating at his baseball game the night before, and he was an expert at blowing out candles by the time the day was over.  despite william coming home from school with a stomach bug/food poisoning, we did what wes wanted all day long.  that meant that i spent much of the afternoon in the floor playing with legos.  and then we finished the night off at de casa (because according to my boys there is no other restaurant in this town) and then got frozen yogurt topped with nerds, sprinkles and gummy worms at tutti fruiti.  he's had his sugar allotment for the year!

happy birthday, wes!  we love you!

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Anne Flanagan said...

I think he needs a dog... just sayin'.