Wednesday, May 23, 2012

that time of year!

a few weekends ago, we had our neighbors over for crawfish.  it was so good, the company was great, and we topped it off with baskin it was pretty much perfect!  that was despite the fact that chase and shannon decided to make it as hot as humanly possible.  they sprinkled something over them that was supposed to make them extra hot.  the hotness didn't transfer to the crawfish, and they were perfect.  i ate one potato, however, and i'm just thankful i still have lips.  i stuck to crawfish after that.

none of the kids except wes would even try them.  he's my adventurous eater, and he declared them yummy!

reed wouldn't eat them, but he had the BEST time playing with them!  he played for over an hour with his pet.  since it was a "fish"...he had to have a bowl of water for it to swim in.  and then he proceeded to swim him for forever.

he was soaking wet after an hour of playing with his crawfish, but he was so happy!  and later that night, he cried himself to sleep because i wouldn't let his "fish" sleep with him.  aside from that and my near loss of lips, it was a great way to spend a saturday night.  we'll definitely be doing this again soon!!

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