Thursday, May 17, 2012

and we're through!

we are now officially enjoying summer vacation at our house.  we finished up on tuesday with awards day and class parties for all my kids.  and yes...they were all at the same time in three different places.  thankfully, i have great friends/teachers that give my kids rides and pretend like my kids are theirs when i'm not there!  and, i'm usually pretending like one of theirs is mine as well!!

we go to a christian school, so each child gets a character award.  william got the award for wisdom.

he also won the reading contest in his class.  all he had to know was that there was a trophy involved, and he was set.  i had to make him stop reading on more than once occasion.

they then went to Jump and partied.  he partied too hard, and he ended up limping out of there.  chase and i played it off, but when he was still limping the next day he ended up on the table getting an x-ray to make sure his hip wasn't broken.  it wasn't, and it's getting better day by day.  he's only slightly limping today, and he says it won't stop him from playing baseball tonight.  whew!

wes got an award for perfect attendance, and he also got the patience award.

obviously, my children need to work on not looking miserable while they are receiving awards.  he at least looked more happy while riding on the train!

reed didn't have awards day.  he just had play day.  he left out that morning when one of his teachers came by to pick him up, and i got there at the end of his party.  but he was pumped at breakfast about it being his last day!

wes told me about 4 times that night that he didn't have school the next morning, so i needed to not wake him up.  i granted him his request, and he got up at 830.  reed is a late sleeper, too, so they are both already enjoying summer break! william is a consistent 7am waker upper, and that's fine by me!  i'm not having to drag anybody out of bed or force anyone to eat breakfast.  my only concern is what time the pool opens.  hello, summer!!  so good to see you!

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