Saturday, May 19, 2012

he loves his mama.

my kids brought home so much stuff from school at the end of the year.  i've slowly been going through it and weeding out what needs to be kept and what doesn't.  as i was pulling things out of william's backpack, i came across a small blue notebook in his pencil box.  i don't have any idea what this notebook was used for.  i opened it and on the very first page was a sweet surprise.

i smiled.  and then i leaned back against the kitchen counter and was excited to flip through this notebook and find all kinds of sweet drawings and notes.  so i turned the page.

and i found....a bank robber?

two guys sword fighting?

a ninja?

there were no more sweet notes on any of the other pages.  each one had a person holding a sword, a gun, or parachuting out of a helicopter to go beat the bad guys.  not quite what i was expecting. oh well...if he ends up becoming a sword wielding, bank robbing ninja, at least i know that he loves his mama!  :)


Hooks Family said...

Yep, looks just like the notes Will brings home. I think its his way of secretly bribing me so one day when he joins the black ninja group I will come bail him out ;-) ?? Gotta love those boys!!!

Edi said...

Rolling laughing! Love it!