Wednesday, November 2, 2011

day in the country

i've never tried to deny the fact that i'm not a city girl.  being from the delta, it's hard to claim that you're a city slicker even if you live in the "city."  when you have to drive to a different town to do, well, have to just embrace the "country" label.

so when my kids get the chance to be country kids, it makes me smile!

growing up, there was a man in our neighborhood named mr. rabb (i think i've written about him before).  he was the dad of a girl that was a few years older than me.  he had a go-cart that he let us ride all the time.  he would pile us in the back of his pick-up (it was totally safe back then) and take us to the double quick to get gum.  and one year when it snowed, he took a street sign off of the pole and turned it into a sled that pulled us all over town behind his 4-wheeler.  i'm pretty sure that was illegal.  and i'm pretty sure nobody cared.  he called it our redneck sled.

this past weekend, we had a redneck hayride.

the only thing better than a redneck hayride is a redneck hayride with a cute driver!!

i got chase to drive a truck.  we'll see if i ever get him to the country.  if not, i'll settle for a few days like this thrown in here and there.  and while i'm at it, i'll be grateful that i don't have to drive to a different town for...everything!!  :)

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DK Baria said...

it was a fun week-end!