Saturday, November 5, 2011

new favorite day of the year

reed started off the halloween festivities at school last week with his halloween party.  since the boy isn't even a fan of putting on a jacket, he for sure wasn't wearing any sort of "real" costume.  so, he went as a football player.  a cute one!

they had all kinds of games set up for them to play.  after they played a game, they were supposed to get some candy.  all the other kids were just running around grabbing candy.  mine was all about the games. forget the candy!

he was obsessed with the "go fish pole."  he kept taking the m&ms off and tossing them back because he wanted to catch a real fish.  those m&ms weren't going to cut it!!

and then i drug him out kicking and screaming because he wanted to "play games more, mama" and "i want my go fish pole!" so while all the other kids stocked up on candy, we ended up with one bag of m&ms and two packs of smarties.  you'd think wes would have taught him better than that.

on monday, we hit up the reformation party at church.

AND THEN...we went trick or treating.

after the first house, wes turned around with wide eyes and said, "can we go to another house?!?!" when i said yes, he did a little happy dance and responded with "i'm so excited!  this is my favorite day!" i mean, what could be better?  you ring a doorbell, they give you candy.  it was really fun to see their excitement as we made our way around the neighborhood.

i asked several times if we could go home, and each time reed would holler, "no! i not go home yet!" so we made our way around the hood before coming home to hand out candy.  before i was able to give out directions about how to hand out candy, one kid scored big time when wes gave him about 15 reeses.  after handing out almost all of our candy, i gave them about 10 minutes to feast on whatever they could get in their mouths before bedtime.  (who says i'm not fun?)

the funny thing is...they go for the crazy stuff like pixie sticks and green tootsie rolls.  that's fine with me because it leaves more snickers for me!!  :)   as we put them to bed, wes said, "i like trick or treating.  how many days 'til we do halloween again?"  based on that (and the 14 pounds of candy still in my pantry), i'd say halloween was a success!


Anna H said...

ha! we have talked about how they are eating the nasty candy and leaving us all the good candy! of course, i don't need any of it and have had 4/5 pieces a day! i'm a sucker for chocolate!

DK Baria said...

fun times while they are young. it will pass too soon and they will be too big to go trick or treating. i wish someone would tell that to the high schoolers who knowck on the doors around here. love my boys!

Anonymous said...

Great bunch of guys!