Tuesday, October 25, 2011

i need a star in my crown.

i made two pumpkin patch field trips over two weeks!  and i don't really need a star.  both classes were so well behaved that it was a really easy job!

wes' class went to pontotoc.  this was a really neat little farm!

judging by the way they hung around each other, i'd say this is wes' running buddy at school.  his name is chase.

after we had picked out pumpkins and climbed on the trailer for the ride back to the barn, wes sat down beside me.  no sooner than i had put my arm around him, chase sat down on my other side.  he grabbed my arm and put it around him!  so there we were talking about barbed wire fences and tractors when wes patted me on the leg and leaned over to chase and said, "this is my mama."

chase with a bewildered look: "i have a mama, too!"

wes:  "you have a mama?"

chase:  "yes!  and her name is mama just like yours!"

wes: "do you have a daddy?"

chase: "yes!  and his name is daddy!"

i figured i'd really throw a cog in the wheel if i mentioned that wes' daddy's name was chase, so i just let that one go.  :)  they were really excited to find out that they both had mamas and daddys named mama and daddy!

william's class went to corinth.  it was a little more crowded, but that didn't diminish their excitement.

after snagging a pumpkin, they got the opportunity to play in the animal pen.  i don't quite understand why this option exists at a pumpkin farm, but whatever.

sneaking up on the chickens.  here, chicky chicky.

got one!

after petting all the nasty animals, it was lunchtime!  yummy!!  yes...if it were up to me, i would have arranged the chicken-catching part of the trip for after the meal, but nobody asked me.  and i can guarantee you that my hands stayed in my pockets while amongst the animals!

so there you go.  i'm all pumpkined out.  the only other patch i hope i see this year is on the tv with charlie brown!


Anonymous said...

Do you think that you could find one more pumpkin patch for Reed and "his mama" to go visit. Honey

DK Baria said...

Wow. What fun! Glad you were able to experience the trip and to learn there is another mama and daddy out there.

Anonymous said...

 G

Anne Flanagan said...

I think the little girl in pictures 1 and 3 could double as Wes's twin! They make quite a pair.