Tuesday, October 11, 2011

happy birthday, chase!

mama even skipped the ice cream cake this year and went all out and made oozy cakes!  (but we still had baskin robbins ice cream to go with it!)

reed wanted no part of a picture or singing...he just wanted cake!!

chase...make a birthday wish that your middle child will decide to wear clothes by your next birthday.  please.  thanks.  and happy birthday!  :)


Anonymous said...

Ooze cakes!! Wow. I am impressed. What a great looking bunch of guys!! Happy birthday Chase - I love you. Honey

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Chase!

DK Baria said...

happy birthday to the my favorite son-in-law. yeah, you are my favorite, even if you are my only one. looks like you had pleanty of help blowing out candles and eating cake. kakki

Sarah Brashier said...

Clothes on boys are completely optional. We might as well get used to it Laura! Love the pic of reed pouting for cake :)

Anna H said...

Happy Birthday, Chase! I hope you got our message! We love you! Anna and fam