Wednesday, October 12, 2011

puff is a downer.

after i put reed to bed tonight, i went into william and wes' room to read.  i picked up puff the magic dragon.  we haven't read it in a while.  that was obvious.

tonight was the first night that they questioned the entire book.  why didn't jackie come play anymore?  why was puff sad?  i kind of miss the days when they just looked at the pictures.  anyway...

we had a long conversation.  long.  included was the fact that little boys grow up.  somehow they milked that into... "we grow up and don't have toys anymore?" "we don't live here?" "will i have my same friends?" and on and on and on until both of them were bawling.  bawling.  this was not the bedtime story i had envisioned.

all of this was through tears (with mama wondering what on earth is going on)...

wes:  "but, i want william to live with me when i grow up."

william:  "i can't, wes.  you have to get married when you get old."

wes:  "but, i want william to live with me forever."

william:  "wes, you can't.  you have to move to a house with a girl."

wes:  "but i want to live in this house!"

william:  "i can probably come visit you."

wes:  "but i don't know who to marry.  mama, who do i marry?"

mama is distraught and unable to speak because who knew puff could have this effect?!?!?

wes:  "i'll just marry laurie or mary elliott or chandler."

william:  "you wait til you're old to pick a girl, wes."

wes:  "when is old?  7?"

william: "no.  when you get to 10 then you're a grown up."

wes:  "but i just want to live here with you.  will you just live with me?"

mama finally snapped out of her confusion and stopped this conversation.  after drying tears, i assured both of them that they can live here way past the age of 10, that they don't have to pick a girl tonight, that they can visit each other when they get old, and that we will not be reading puff again anytime soon!!

tomorrow night...we're going back to the jesus storybook bible!


DK Baria said...

whoa! that was some deep stuff. they can come live with me if they want and they don't even have to marry a girl. love those guys.

Frank and Ginger said...

i have about 5 comments to catch up on. 1. yes i need to get in that cotton... i will be in it more than the kids. 2. what did you do to tick reed off in chases bday picture? 3. wes can mary mary elliott anytime. she likes to be naked too though and i'm not ready for grandparenthood....
that's only comments.
we love the hensons!

Anna H said...

i laughed so hard i don't even know what to say!

Kathryn said...

you left out something very important that i think would have squashed all of that crying... you forgot to tell them that they can buy a duplex (or was it "adjoining houses") and keep living with each other. whatever happened to that? there's a very lovely duplex for sale in greenwood. wanna move?

Edi McIlwain said...

Ha ha ha! This is great. I'm glad you documented.

Anonymous said...

This may be one of my favorite blogs. Had to read it at the tennis party this afternoon. Honey