Tuesday, July 19, 2011


last week, william and wes participated in tennis camp.  yes, it was the hottest week of the year.  it said 110 degrees everyday on the thermometer in my car, and there's no telling how hot it actually was on the blue courts, but they had fun.  sweat and all.

for me, i loved seeing them out there.  it brought back so many memories.  i spent every day of the summer with my friend, rachael, on the tennis courts from 1-5pm.  sometimes i would ride on the handlebars of her bike to the courts while holding our rackets so she could steer.  one time she got so mad about something at practice that she stormed off on that one bike, so that i had to walk home alone.  i'm off on a tangent here, but we are so close to the courts that i can totally picture my kids riding their bikes to practice in a few years.  of course, if they take up golf, we may have to come up with a different solution because it would probably be pretty tough to carry a bag of clubs on a bike.  maybe i can talk chase into a golf cart.

aaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnddddd....back to the tennis!

they warmed up doing some ladder drills.

then they played a little dodge ball.

and yes, they actually picked up a racket and hit a few balls, too!

i guess good form is just in william's genes?!?!

poor reed sat at the gate and whined the whole time because he wanted to play, too.

his brothers seemed concerned about him...at least for a second!

we made it through the week without a heat stroke.  i don't know if this was the beginning of their love for a new sport or not. but, it sure would make this mama happy to sit and watch them play tennis in hot, sunny weather rather than watch them play soccer in freezing, cold conditions.  just sayin'!  so...now i think i'm going to go teach wes how to ride on the handlebars of william's bike.

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DK Baria said...

it's not tennis practice until they have to run to the 'tater patch!