Thursday, July 7, 2011


I praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.  Psalm 139:14

 this past january, a friend of mine had twins.  carmen and josh keith welcomed elijah and josie on january 20th.  it seems as if everyone who has twins has to stay for an extended period of time in the NICU due to complications that often arrive involving the birth of twins.  but these two kiddos defied the odds and came straight home!

about a month ago, little josie was diagnosed with Saggital Craniosynostosis.  this means that the bones on the top of her skull have fused too early.  after researching procedures and surgeons, they came to the decision that a doctor in san antonio was the best option for her.  and they leave tomorrow morning for a little over two week stay in texas!  the surgery will be performed on july 14th, and they will hopefully get to come home on the 23rd.  josie will have to wear a helmet for a year afterwards.

so, i'm asking all you blog stalkers for prayer for this precious family.  they not only have to endure surgery for one kid, but they are leaving behind elijah and older brother, noah, for the duration of their stay.  those two will be in the capable hands of grandparents, but still....

carmen started a blog for others to keep up with josie's progress.

she explains in much more detail what exactly is going on.  i didn't want to type it all here since you can go read her version of it for yourself.  also, she's new to the blogosphere, so she doesn't have many followers.  so, hop on over there and leave a word of encourgement and let them know you'll be praying for them.  or don't...just pray for them.  i know they'd be extremely grateful.

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Josh and Carmen Keith said...

Thank you so much for this post for our family. I appreciate your friendship and your passing the word to others who will pray for my baby Josie.