Saturday, July 2, 2011

we even had fireworks!

reed doesn't turn two until next saturday, but we had his party this weekend.  the country club was kind enough to host his party for him...complete with inflatables, games, face painting, balloon animal making clowns, bbq, snowcones, and even a gigantic fireworks show!!  true...some people were there for a 4th of july celebration, but the rest of us were there to celebrate 2 years of reed!  :)

reed and his best buddy, griffin, ran all over the place like they owned it.  look at these faces!!!  it's like they are saying, "you wanna mess with us?!?  bring it!"  i'm a little scared of the high school years!

everybody else got in on the fun, too.

snow cones were a hit!

after griffin posed for his GQ magazine spread,

we sang to the birthday boy!

and he and everyone else thoroughly enjoyed his cookies!

before we knew it, the glow necklaces had been handed out, it was almost dark, and almost time for the fireworks!

and the show mesmerized everybody!

happy 2nd birthday, roo!

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Anonymous said...

Great party! Great pictures!