Wednesday, July 6, 2011

the next phil

reed took advantage of being the only kid home this week, and he played golf alongside his daddy a few afternoons ago.

the boy loves a ball of any kind, but i think the fact that the tv is on the golf channel at all hours of the day has influenced his love of this sport.  unfortunately, reed believes he is left handed.  the wicked serve of a lefty has it's advantages on the tennis court, but not so much on the golf course.  especially since they don't make plastic clubs for left handed almost 2 year olds.  oh well...i guess if he learns to hit the ball with the backside of the club, whenever he does actually get some clubs where the face of the club is the part that comes in contact with the ball, he'll be that much better!!

tee-ing it up while daddy tries his best to convince the boy that he is right handed...

no such luck, daddy!

working over #11.

he was actually very patient and tried so hard to do exactly what daddy did.  he would wait quietly out of the way while daddy hit his shot, and then he would run up and put his ball in the exact spot that chase's ball had just been and hit it.

i've got a racquet or two that doesn't care if you're right or left handed.  i think we'll go work on his serve tomorrow.


Lanny said...

He is a mighty cute little boy...whether left handed or right handed. Gonna be a pro someday..

Anonymous said...

Love it. Honey

DK Baria said...

sweet duo. it is never to early to start working on scholarship talent!!!