Thursday, November 13, 2008's not a little sister

if you recall, last year william came home from school with a family portrait that he had drawn of his family. it included this cute, little person with a skirt and a bow whose name was "little sister."

well, today i picked him up from school to find this year's version of the family portrait. there was a scribble labeled "mom." another scribble was labeled "dad." and this year, even wes got a scribble named after him. however, there was another scribble that made it into the family this year. his name was "garbage man." apparently, william feels quite a strong connection to the guy that picks up our garbage and waves to him every week. i'm not so sure i feel the same way.

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Lance and DK said...

you might want to set a place for him at the table. you never know how valuable your garbage man is until he doesn't come. mama