Monday, November 17, 2008

the doctor's office and diego

a few days ago, i walked into the den to find this:

wes was sitting in his bean bag being perfectly still and watching the backyardigans. that should have been my first clue that something was wrong. he doesn't sit still for more than 1/2 of a second, and he never watches tv for any longer than that either.

so...after red, swollen eyes glued shut with green, gunky stuff, snot everywhere, coughing, a 103.4 fever, an 11pm-445am sleepless night, the diagnosis of an ear and eye infection, eye drops, antibiotics, and all the g.i. issues that go along with giving a kid an we are!

oh, the joy that fills this house at the moment!

on the other hand, i got a major shock when i took wes to the doctor. i took william with me because it's just loads of fun to take multiple kids to the doctor's office.

anyway, i brought some crayons along to let them draw on the paper that is on the patient bed/table in the room while we were waiting. it proved to be quite a brilliant idea. they had tons of space to create masterpieces and were totally occupied.

after a few minutes, i looked over to see what william was working on and found this:

hello?! i had no idea my kid could write his name! (ok, so the M is actually a W...but come on...close enough.)

me: "william, who in the world taught you how to write your name?" (because i sure didn't)

william: "i don't know."

me: "did you learn that at school?"

william: "no. maybe it was diego."

i've seen diego rescue animals, but i have never seen him write. however, if he can have that sort of influence...wes will no longer be watching the backyardigans. go, diego, go!


Anonymous said...

oh, he is so smart. wish i could take credit for that one. honey

jessica said...

seriously? miss you so much. that kid is so his momma.