Monday, November 3, 2008

fun...except for the football part

so we sat in the stands, yet again, this past weekend to watch another not so great football exhibition by our bulldogs. despite the loss, we still had a blast. there are tons of fun things at football games besides football (good thing, huh?):

1. watching the drummers perform before the walk-through. william can play a seriously mean air drum.

2. jumpy things at the fan fare area. william and sara beth waited patiently for what seemed like forever, but they got their turn and enjoyed every second of it.

3. rice krispie treats at the tailgate

4. practicing our punting form so we can have an awesome punter in 15 years

5. wooden bulldogs. there will be no need in us purchasing a real, live animal to chew up our house. i just need a wooden dog to make this kid happy.

6. the paratroopers (is that what they are called, allen?). 4 guys jumped out of a helicopter before the game, flew right over us, turned and landed perfectly at midfield. it was amazing. and sadly, it was the loudest cheers from the stadium all day.

7. ford. william loves ford. here they are discussing football strategy (or maybe politics knowing the 2 of them).

8. the jumbotron. hello? how cool is this thing? at least msu can boast about the largest hdtv in the land.

so see...if you left out the actual football game, then football games would be awesome. and my husband would be happier.

never season is just around the corner. i don't know about the rest of y'all, but i'm ready to switch gears and spend some saturdays at the hump. we'll have to do without the paratroopers in there, but maybe we can score a rice krispie treat somewhere along the way!


Anonymous said...

Hoddy Toddy

GO REBELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lance and DK said...

i know you are my daughter, but you have a great way of tying up the ending. i tried for over 25 years to teach this to Comp I students, sometimes sucessfully. i guess it didn't fall totally on deaf ears when i helped you early on with the writing process. looks like y'all had a great day. mama

Anonymous said...

L L, no comment about the GO REBELS!

Lisa Trotter said...

Hey...we had paratroopers too in Oxford!?!?! Wonder if they went from Starkville to Oxford and spent the day wowing crowds??? Looks like a fun day!!! BTW, win or lose, the tailgating is always the best part!!!