Wednesday, May 14, 2008

wes' shindig

this past weekend, we had a small celebration for wes' 1st birthday. amazingly, we made it through the whole party without a single meltdown from any of the six little people that were here. we also made it through an earthquake that nobody thought a thing about. a loud boom, a little shaking....we attributed it to thunder, a big truck, or maybe a sonic boom since the columbus AFB is nearby. we found out later that night that we were all wrong. how cool that we can now say we were in an earthquake!

here are a few pics from the party.

noah showing off his love of the dump truck

the other noah chowing down on some grilled cheese (mom looking on quite impressed)
me and baby leigh (i look weird holding a kid dressed all in pink, don't i?)
noah trying to decide what to play with next
but, next year can y'all just get me a remote control instead of all this other stuff, please?
or maybe just some tupperware to play with?
although, i do like my new ride on

and my other set of wheels
mmmmm, cake!
william being a little more civilized with his cake
sara beth doesn't need a fork, though

on wes' actual birthday, we took him to baskin robbins to get his first taste of ice cream. ya think he liked it?

first bite

lovin' it!
just give me the spoon, woman!! it was a great weekend, and we look forward to another fun filled year. happy birthday, little man! we love you!

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Anonymous said...

it was a great weekend and wes, you come on down to g's, he always has ice cream.
we love you little man