Sunday, May 4, 2008

high aspirations

william: when i get really, really big, i'm gonna be the UPS man.

me: really?

william: yeah. a a a a a and, i'm gonna wear a brown shirt, and brown pants, and brown socks, and brown shoes and a brown hat.

me: really?

william: yes. and, i'm gonna driiiiiiiiiive the UPS truck.

me: where are you going to drive it to?

william: to somebody's house. and i will give them boxes and packages.

me: sounds fun.

william: when wes grows up to be really big....he's gonna be a cow.

me: really?

william: yeah, and he's gonna moooooooooo.

me: awesome.

up until now, william has always wanted to be a garbage man. apparently, we are slowly moving up in the world. poor wes....i guess he still has a ways to go.


Lance and DK said...

the dream has to start somewhere. kakki

Anonymous said...

gatlin says that the ups man deliveres really big packages to mimi's house so william can start there and wes - well - we'll see honey