Friday, May 16, 2008

sushi night

left side - jane clair, me, amy
right side - marty, emory, ginger

well, since my birthday is only 3 days before wes' birthday (and his 1st one at that)...mine kinda took a backseat to his this year. i'm totally fine with that, and i wouldn't have it any other way. however, the following week i got to go out and celebrate my birthday with girls...who don't need crayons to keep themselves entertained while tossing half eaten chicken nuggets across the restaurant or at their sibling. and, it involved clearly it couldn't get much better!

yes, you see only one boat of sushi in that picture, but that was only one of 3! we ordered so much that they had to bring it in shifts, and i know that the shogun staff was impressed that 4 girls could devour so many rolls. (jane clair and marty opted for the hibachi dinner, but i think we may have jane clair on board now....marty still needs some work!)

much was discussed, and we even came up with a name for jane clair's baby - melinda clarinda lucinda luvassie adeline shettles. (somebody correct me if i'm wrong!) i'm sorry to those of you that couldn't make it...we missed you. but, marty's birthday is sunday, so we should be gathering around some food again here shortly! but, i'm guessing it may be something along the lines of american cuisine!

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