Friday, April 8, 2016

we got beat by a dog!

every year we fill out our ncaa brackets and get all caught up in the craziness that is march madness.  everybody....and i do mean every body... gets their turn to sit at the computer and choose their favorites.  then we enter them into a pool on espn with our extended family so the trash talking can begin.  (and there was lots of trash talking in the group text.) 

wes and uncle zeb were brokenhearted when michigan state killed their chances with an opening round loss.  reed and william hung their hats on kansas, and i stayed in the mix for a little bit with virginia.  we were all getting beat by g and frank for a while, but then the two front runners emerged.  chase and abe.  yes....our dog, abe, had a bracket.  wes helped me fill out a bracket for abe based on mascots.  only animals advanced.  and if two were pitted against each other, then he picked whichever animal he liked better or thought would win in a fight.  so in the end, abe had villanova while chase had north carolina.  and we all know how that ended!  i nearly broke my neck jumping out of the chair.  it may have been the best finish ever.  abe sat coolly in his bed barely looking up. 

i think we all learned a valuable lesson this year...don't put too much thought into filling out those brackets.  i'm going by mascots next year! 

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