Wednesday, April 20, 2016

the memphis zoo

let's just go on and get it out there that i'm not a huge fan of zoos.  however, i accompanied wes on his field trip this week to the memphis zoo.  i have to give the zoo some props.  there was one part that you could tell was built somewhere around 1970 (the poor penguins need a serious upgrade), but the rest of it was really nice and disney-ish!  we had perfect weather, and the kids loved it!

watching the bears...

some sort of monkey...

it's not every day that you get to ride a camel.  it's also not every day that the camel poses for a picture!! 

this is what happens when the mamas are too cheap to pay $5 for a photo booth.  children cram in the photo booth, and then mama sticks her phone in and snaps a picture!  perfection!

now i just have to wait two more years to go back with reed!  i'm already counting down the days!  maybe those penguins will have gotten an upgrade by then! 

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