Thursday, April 28, 2016

a little tennis

reed played in his first tournament a few weeks ago.  it wasn't quite the experience that this little person had in mind!  he's never had a lesson in his life, but for some reason he had decided in his little brain that he was going to win the whole thing.  well, he didn't win it!  he came in 3rd, and that's not nearly as good as 1st!  i see now that whenever he does take lessons, we are going to have to have a little mental coaching as well!!  :)

parker and reed after warm-ups

3rd and 4th place cousins!

the other two have played a few times this year, and they seem to smile a tad bit more than the youngest sibling while out on the court!

hunter and william

charlie and wes

wes and andrew

william and hunter (again)

the last tournament that my kids played in, william played one of those kids.  you know the type.  every sport has the crazy parents/crazy kids.  this sport is not immune.  he endured the mind games and the snottiness (from his opponent and his opponent's parents) and pulled out a particularly tough mental match.  his cousin was about to play, and i was sitting on the other side of the courts.  after about 20 minutes, i sent chase to find him because he hadn't shown up.  chase found him by himself.  he said he was "just sitting.  i just needed to sit after that."

and then i went to find them both because nobody came back!!

i guess we all just "need to sit" sometimes!!

but for all the meanies, there are 4 times as many nice people! the absolute best part of tennis tournaments is the new friends and the time spent off of the court!  they may not win every match, but they know how to have fun over lunch.  and, they play a mean game of hide and go seek between matches!!

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