Wednesday, December 3, 2014

thanksgiving at the beach

thanksgiving has come and gone, and before we jump headfirst into all of the christmas craziness i need to back up and give thanksgiving it's due!  before we left town for rosemary beach, we had a few parties at school.

and then we spent the week at the beach with the henson side of the family.  it was a little unusual to be playing in the sand and the waves on thanksgiving morning, but it was definitely better than somewhere cold!!!  we had a house for all 16 of us, and the heated pool was worth it's weight in gold.  they spent hours upon hours in there everyday.

and we made our way to the beach regularly!

we hired a professional to get some beach photos.  then we ran from the rain and the storm clouds to find some beach that wasn't yet wet.  i haven't seen the finished products yet, but some pics caught on the iPhone look promising!

we had to endure one rainy afternoon, but downtown rosemary wasn't a bad place to do so!  we hung out in the toy store, ate some good food, saw a great christmas show, and of course made a stop at the sugar shak!

reptile man even found a playmate that was searching for some sunshine between the clouds!

we spent thanksgiving morning at the beach.  and then made our way to seaside for lunch and playtime.

we spent lots of time walking around, biking, and i even let the master birder tell me about a few birds on the walk.  (i didn't have to touch them, and they didn't attack me so i guess that was ok.)  anna, holly, and i even found a place in alys beach that we are going to buy when we figure out how to come up with several million dollars.  these two guys weren't digging that idea....

but they did spring for dessert at le crema! i guess that's the next best thing. yum!

we had a great time, and after we catch up on our sleep we'll be ready to do the month of december!  or maybe i'll just sleep until january and skip it all together!  :)

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