Wednesday, December 10, 2014

my decorators

the little people took over the decking of the halls this year.  well, they took it over after we put up the first tree and realized that only half of a tree wasn't going to cut it.  after 10 years, that poor tree bit the dust, and i found us another one!!  so once the new tree found it's home and proved that he had lights that would work, the little people took over.  they loved their yearly ornament.  they all got the same one this year.....a lego santa that they had to build themselves!  

reed hung up our daily scripture verses.

wes kept his duty as the manger scene setter upper.  (he's explaining how and where the people should go.  it's a very exact science.)

and as usual, everybody is all up in mary's business wanting to see baby jesus.  

i guess that makes sense.  if you're going to go see baby jesus, you want to SEE baby jesus!

so now we are ready to celebrate!  come on, christmas!

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