Wednesday, December 17, 2014

it's that time of year.....

we are running full speed over here.  i'm not a huge fan of this time of year, but we are having fun despite the craziness.

wes' class visited a nursing home a week ago to sing a few songs and hand out cards, candy canes, hugs.  the residents LOVED them!

reed's class visited a tree farm.  they also made a quick stop to deliver their angel tree gifts and see santa!

the little people put on the best christmas program at our church.  i was in charge of the dancing, so i was too busy to get pics.

but this kid definitely entertained everyone.  he went back forth between being bored and being really into it!  plus, his scarf had a mind of its' own!

since we are all running full speed.....wes decided that he would run full speed.  into a tree.  face first. with his eyes closed.  i can't even pretend to understand boys.  this resulted in him getting stitches.  again.




sour patch kids make everything better.  especially when mama lets you eat them in the bathtub!

if you'll recall, he has done this on multiple occasions.  and he has yet to win a fight with tables, mailboxes or trees!!  two years ago, it was at almost the exact same time of year.  except he took on a mailbox instead of a tree.

i'm hoping this isn't a christmas tradition for years to come!!  fa-la-la!

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