Friday, November 30, 2012

fa la la season is upon us.  we put up our tree last weekend.  you know how you have those pictures in your head of a fire in the fire place, everybody with hot chocolate in hand, christmas music playing in the background, and everybody just joyfully hanging ornaments on the tree?  that so completely happened at our house.  not.

it was more of a snatch and grab, push and shove, you're in my way!, don't break that!, that is breakable!, get out of the way!, i told you that was breakable!, i was here first!, this is my side of the tree!, do you know what breakable means?, stop playing with the outlet!, don't put that in the outlet!, why on earth does anybody give us breakable ornaments?, do we really even need a tree? kind of time. it's like that at everybody's house, right?  don't answer that.

before all the commotion, the little people got to open their ornaments for the year.  "curi-a-nous" george along with a lego darth vader and a lego storm trooper (at least i think it's a storm trooper...don't judge me if i'm wrong) are happily hanging on the tree this year.

we got the rest of the stuff put up, and every little person is in full blown christmas mode.  they each even got a fiberoptic christmas tree to put in their rooms this year.  they think it's pretty cool to sleep at night with it twinkling.

but the best was the nativity scene.  wes wanted to be in charge of setting it up.  so i let him.

i am certain that i would have laid it out a little differently.  however, he was adamant that all those shepherds and wise men came to SEE baby jesus.  they didn't want to just stand around in the field not looking at him.  so he made sure that they all could see.

i'm pretty sure that the wise men didn't ride their camels up in the stable, but i guess it probably did look a little more like this than the way we always set it up.  if angels came to me and told me to go see the baby, i guess i might ride my camel on up in there to get a peek at him, too.  maybe i should put wes in charge of this every year.

so...the halls are decked.  the stockings are hung by the chimney with care.  we've only been through one bag of christmas M&Ms so far.  and the tree is still in one piece.

but you know we couldn't usher in a new season without an injury.  it had been about 4 weeks since anybody over here had been stitched up, so wes thought it was time!!

fa la la.

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Anne Flanagan said...

Can I adopt Wes, please?