Sunday, December 2, 2012

joseph - man of many talents

we sit in the back of our church.  with 3 little people, it's just the best place for us to be.  william and wes have a notebook that they bring to church each sunday.  they have to listen to the sermon and draw two pictures based on what they hear.  today, they were antsy, and i wasn't really sure they were listening.  i saw a ninja on one page, and i know i hadn't heard bill say anything about ninjas.  but little did i know that the 7 year old can multitask.  he can totally draw ninjas and listen at the same time.

our sermon today dealt with mary and how she conceived not by man but by the holy spirit.  how joseph was a righteous man and was going to divorce her privately.  how an angel came and told him not to.  in the process of all of this explanation, the words "mary's eggs" and "sexual relations" were used.  i was worried.  thankfully, that was over his head.  at least i think it was.  he didn't mention it, and i'm not bringing it up!!  :)  but all the talk about mary and joseph got him to thinking about the christmas story.

tonight as he was working on a project for school, he looked up from the table and asked, "was joseph a doctor?"

i've learned not to answer questions immediately.  he's usually not asking what i think he's asking, and then i just have to answer more.  so i either just sit there and look confused, or i ask, "huh?" "what?" or "why?"

me: "what?"

william:  "was joseph a doctor?"

me:  "are you talking about mary's joseph?"

william:  "yes.  because they weren't in a hosptial, so was he a doctor?"

me:  "ummm....."

william:  "because the baby can't get out if the doctor doesn't get it out.  so if he wasn't a doctor, how did the baby get out?"

me:  "yep.  dr. joseph.  good thing he was there, wasn't it?"

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