Saturday, November 17, 2012


it's all over our house.  every day my kids come home with turkeys and pumpkins and wreaths listing the things that they are thankful for.  there are the typical answers like "my mom and dad," "my brothers," "jesus," and "my house."  and then wes throws in the "the turkey" just for good measure!  hey...we gotta eat.

so since thanksgiving week is upon us, i thought i'd list a few things that i'm thankful for at the moment.

1.  the carwash

i've never seen a carwash make any kid so happy.  besides, chase is a clean car freak, so going through the carwash on a regular basis keeps everybody around here happy.

2.  friends

i love that all of my kids have super sweet friends.  i love that chase and i are friends with the parents.  i love that we all feel completely comfortable dropping a kid or two off at a friend's house/toting kids too and fro (even on short notice), and it's perfectly acceptable!

3.  a pumpkin carving daddy

he was a superhero around here when he was able to carve out the vampire that the little people requested.  i'm still not sure it looked like a vampire, but i didn't have to do it, was the most fabulous vampire ever! 

4.  safety from enemy aircraft

i thought we were playing golf.  but, i soon learned that we were being attacked by passenger bomber planes.  good thing that reed had his 7 iron to shoot him down and protect me.

5.  that i don't have to try to get a christmas card picture except once a year.

is it really that hard to get everybody to smile?  or even to look in the direction of the camera?  i mean goodness gracious.  chase said i just needed to send out a pic of the two of us and say, "merry christmas!  sorry....we tried."  i might have to.  geez.  you are super excited to get our card now, aren't you?

6.  veterans

i love celebrating and appreciating our veterans.  the little people got into it this year because they had a veterans program at their school.  i have a recent fascination with WWII, and there were two WWII veterans there. i spoke to one who was on the USS Hope.  i had to come home and google it to learn that it was a floating hospital, but it was exciting nonetheless.  go usa!

7.  my boys

i absolutely do not understand how their brains work.  i don't understand why wrestling is the only way to solve a dispute.  i don't understand why it's so difficult to tell that your underwear is on backwards. i don't know why ninjas are so awesome.  i don't know why it's impossible to not pee on the floor, but i wouldn't trade in a single one of them.

not even the big one.

hope you all have a great thanksgiving week!

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