Tuesday, August 7, 2012

that time again

today was the day.  today, we traded in playing...

and popsicles...

for the beginning of a new school year!  i know i say it every year, but summer is way too short.  i was sad to see this day arrive, but they were really excited this morning!  and...they looked super cute and ready to learn something!

i let them pick out their own shoes this year.  obviously, they get their taste in bright footwear from their mama.  (much to chase's chagrin...ha!)

their backpacks were loaded down and they were ready!

william met his teacher, ms. dickerson, and then he picked out a desk.

thankfully, his buddy, stuart, is in his class this year along with knox (who didn't make it in the classroom while i was there with my camera).

i know the day is coming when these 3 won't be in the same class, but for now...everybody is happy!

then we walked across the hall to wes' room.  he met his teacher, mrs. williams, and then took off for the toys!

several of his friends (trey and sam) are in his class, too.

i'm not sure there has ever been a student like wes.  he really couldn't care less about anything academic.  he's not bad at it....he'd just rather not read and write.  ha!  we'll see what mrs. williams is made of this year!!  :)

i've got about an hour left until carpool starts.  i can't wait to hear all about it.  i'm thinking we may have to hit up sonic on the way home for a celebratory slush.  day #1 of kindergarten and 1st grade in the books....only 9 and 1/2 more months to go!

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