Wednesday, August 15, 2012


seven years ago, william joined this party that we call the henson house.  chase and i had no idea what we were doing.  i remember being in awe that those crazy people at the hospital just let us walk out of there with a baby.  and in more ways than one, i guess we still don't know what we are doing...but at least we celebrate in style!  :)  it's not everyday that you get powdered donuts and popcorn for breakfast!  

reed could get used to this!

and presents...let's not forget presents!!

he was really excited to take his golf cupcakes to celebrate with his class!  (they just came in from the playground so just ignore the sweat.)

this was the first time i have really been around his new class ('s the second week of school)....and i loved them all!  what a sweet group of kids!  i think they are going to have a great year!

after school, we hit up sonic for some milkshakes and then went to toys r us to spend some birthday money.  this was really his only request for his birthday.  we spent a good twenty minutes scouring the lego aisle only to end up with more ninja legos.

i personally don't care for the ninjas.  i built lego houses when i was little.  they now build ninja castles and battlefields.  it's awesome.  (sarcasm)  anyway, after an afternoon of ninjago, we finished off the night with chips and cheese dip.

(this is what wes put on when i told him to go upstairs and put on some clothes.  i don't know about him.)

but, i sure am glad that those hospital people let us keep that little baby seven years ago.  i kind of like him!

happy birthday, william!!

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