Sunday, August 12, 2012


my sophomore year of college, i sat next to my suite mate in an A&P class.  she furiously took notes....pages upon pages upon pages....that were so detailed.  i mean, i think she wrote down every single word that came out of that professor's mouth.  it was quite impressive.  looking back now, maybe she should have been a court reporter and skipped OT school!  i, however, pretty much sat there and listened while occasionally taking a few notes.  it wasn't like i couldn't figure out something i missed.  all i had to do was glance at the notes of the person that i lived with!!  anyway, we would study for exams, and she would get so mad at me because i would read my notes once or twice and feel pretty good about the upcoming test.  (if jessica ever reads this, she's going to be nodding her head and getting herself worked up all over again! :))  i'm not saying i'm a genius.  i'm saying that i've always had a pretty easy time memorizing stuff.

however, william may have me beat.  if he wants to remember's as good as done.  today he came home with a trophy from sunday school for scripture memorization work over the summer.

(let me just stop right here for a second and say that i'm so thankful for our church and school and all the teachers/preachers/administrators that pour out their lives into the hearts of my children.  we are so blessed!!  (i know a few of y'all read this!)  i don't in any way, shape or form think that the church and the school are the ones responsible for teaching my kids the gospel.  don't get me wrong, they do a top-notch job.  but, i know that responsibility falls squarely on the shoulders of parents.  but, it is a major blessing to know that at home, at church, at school....we are all on the same page.)

anyway, this kid was all smiles after getting his hands on his new trophy!  while his teacher tried to give some credit to chase and me, we can't really take any.  i did make him recite his verses to me every once in a while, but it was a tip from his teacher from last year that helped earn this prize!  she told me at one point that she taped things for her kids to read on their beds so that while they were lying there (going to bed or being punished)...they had nothing else to do but read (and eventually memorize) those words.  SO....since william sleeps on the top bunk, i just taped a poster on the ceiling right above him.  he learned verse after verse in no time!!  i think we are on to something here!  now i just need somebody to teach wes how to read!  :)

Psalm 119:11 - I have hidden your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you.  


Anonymous said...

i made the blog!!!!! ;yes i remember and it was infuriating. come to find out...i am totally ADHD. and you ARE a genius. i love you.and i need your address again.

Anna H said...

i'm so proud of you william! good job!