Wednesday, December 7, 2011

my kind of parade

this year's christmas parade was right up my alley.  i don't know if you remember my post from last year, but we like to get there late.  this town likes to drag out a parade fo-eva!  and they will let anyone or anything jump in line to be in it.  our crew decided next year, that we are going to get a caravan of mini-vans to form the mini-van mom crew with kiddie music blaring out of our rolled down windows all while wearing santa hats and tossing candy to waiting kiddos.  those of us moms that don't drive vans will walk in front and dance.  in a santa hat.  come on over, ginger and nicole and misty and hayley, and we can start working on our choreography.

ok, back to the parade.  it was 55 degrees this year.  i appreciated not having to wear 4 layers of clothes sit on the curb and eat a donut.  perfect parade weather!  at least the last hour that we were there was perfect!  :)

will, william, ava, and wes




griffin and reed


farrow kate

the end of the parade (minus the street sweeper which is the highlight for all the boys in attendance!)

so there you go.  bring on the christmas season.  but i'm not in need of cold weather to prove it's christmas...the 55 degree weather can stay!  now i'm off to make some room in the den for our choreography session.  we gotta learn how to bust a move to the itsy bitsy spider.

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DK Baria said...

looks like fun to me. come on to inverness this saturday for the big parade.