Monday, December 19, 2011

the christmas story

on friday, william's class acted out luke 2 for all of their parents.  it was a really sweet program.  there was caesar augustus, mary, joseph, shepherds, sheep and a whole host of angels.  they recited the whole chapter of luke (and i do mean they have the ENTIRE chapter memorized...i'll show you that in a later post) and threw in a few christmas carols as well.

william was the angel of the lord.  he took his job very seriously (and was giddy at the fact that he got to stand on a gold chair to do his part).  it's the little things, i guess!

they finished up with some games and enough candy and loot to last until summer!

wes got to have his party that day too.  his class had birthday cupcakes for jesus, and then they played some games as well.

it was a fun way to kick off christmas break.  and now i'm counting down the days until they can start back!  :)


Kathryn said...

Go Angel of the Lord...I mean William! I was so drawn in by his performance that I forgot I was watching a school play.

DK Baria said...

i guess the wrist watch kept the angel of the lord on time so he could get the rest of the angels to be on time and not miss the birth of our lord. good job william! love ya--kakki

Anonymous said...

Great play!