Sunday, December 25, 2011

christmas vacation

there was no shortage of things to do this christmas vacation while daddy had a few days off!

bowling was a hit.

reed made sure to clap and tell everybody "good shot!" after every throw.  throw?  is that what you call a turn in bowling?

sadly, reed won the first game.  but i pulled a few strikes out of my back pocket to come from behind and pull out the win in the second game!  i can't have my kids thinking that they are always winners! :)

we also went over to new albany to visit grandmother.

we kept her entertained for a short while, and then we headed north to cotton plant.

seriously.  who knew a place such as this existed??  wes was beside himself.  he kept saying how much he liked it, how he wanted to live there, how he wished he could stay forever, and then as we were leaving..."well can i at least have my birthday party here?" he was sad to find out that this was just a field in the month of may!

reed was very hesitant at first and hung back saying, "it not gonna get me?"

but after a few minutes, he was pointing stuff out and saying, "take my picture, mama!"

they decided the flamingo and the bulldog were their favorites.

and they also decided that we were for sure going to make a visit to cotton plant again next year!  and maybe i'll bring a birthday cake and call it party to appease wes!

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Anonymous said...

I have got to go to Cotton Plant.