Sunday, August 21, 2011

i'm declaring it!

last tuesday, i woke up with the idea to potty train reed.  so after breakfast, i put underwear on the kid, loaded him up with any and everything he wanted to drink, and we got busy.  the first day was not pretty!  but then something in his head clicked!!  and he has been dry since wednesday afternoon!

he's made it through wednesday night church, the gym, kroger, 2 meals out, a bonfire, sunday school and church this morning, and 9 holes of golf this afternoon.  i've had to pull the car over already because he's had to go, and we had to stop on #4 today and visit a tree!  with that much success, i'm declaring it...i have 3 underwear-wearing little people!!!

i've done this several times, so i know i'll still be cleaning up an accident or two in the future, but i'm pumped that i can quit cutting out those pampers coupons in the sunday paper!  it's a weird feeling to know i don't ever have to do this again...but, it's definitely not something i'll miss!!  feel free to give me a high five when you see me!  and give the little man in the underwear one, too!


Mandy said...

I guess this means you need to get started on having #4!

DK Baria said...

wow! i still say you need to write a manual on how to train a kid in 48 hours!!! so good, but he looks too old in those underwear. we are running out of babies!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Guess reed has been paying more attention to those brothers than we thought. Good job you too! Honey