Saturday, August 13, 2011

birthday bowling

william turns 6 on monday, but we celebrated yesterday.  we loaded down the car after school and headed to the bowling alley!

this was a great venue!!  i have never stepped foot in our bowling alley, so i wasn't expecting too much. feels like 1980 when you walk in, but the place was empty which allowed us to have the run of the place.  the people were more friendly and more helpful than any other place i've ever had a party.  and the kids had a blast!  maybe all the good vibes are because this is quite possibly the sweetest group of kids in the world.  don't get me wrong....when you get a group of boys together, they will be....boys.  crazy, goofy boys!

need proof?

but there was high-fiving going on all around, and they were all so good to each other.  "way to go, noah!" "good job, jack!"  "good throw, william!"  and they looked out for reed, too, who looked way too cute in the smallest, cutest bowling shoes ever!  they made sure he wasn't in the way when somebody was about to throw, made sure his fingers didn't get smushed in the ball spitter out thingy (i'm a frequent bowler. can you tell?), and brought him a ball when it was his turn. love them!  even if they did bounce off the walls all afternoon which forced me to bed at 9pm!

it was really, really fun to watch them bowl, too!  after throwing the ball (and sometimes falling down because they went too far and slipped!), they would get the best looks on their faces while waiting on the ball to reach the pins.  it took a while sometimes!  and then their reactions when it knocked the pins down or missed them altogether was hilarious!

they were too excited to eat the hotdogs, but they calmed down for a second to shove in some cake!

and then they proceeded to have a balloon war!  note to self...for the next birthday party, just shut a bunch of boys in a room with some balloons!

if it weren't so tiring watching all that energy, i might just take these kids to the bowling alley every friday afternoon!

or maybe i'll just wait a year until william turns 7!


DK Baria said...

looks like so much fun. i remember us going bowling several times and have the pics to prove it. they are as funny as some of yours. #1 is growing up too fast but glad he has such good friends with which to do it! kakki

Anonymous said...

I want to be six again!
Happy birthday William

Anonymous said...

Not planning on missing any more parties. That looks like fun. Happy birthday William. I love you, honey