Monday, August 8, 2011

2 days, 2 teeth

yesterday before church, william walked in the den holding a bottom tooth.  today he no longer has one of his top teeth.

however, today was not the usual loose tooth wiggling extravaganza that he so enjoys.   a few months ago, he came in from outside saying that he got hit in the mouth and that his tooth was loose.  it was, and it has been since then.  a few days ago, that tooth started turning gray.  apparently, the root had died or something of the sort, and that tooth had to be pulled.

and he was sooooo excited!  no, i'm not being sarcastic.  the 5 year old was giddy about having his tooth pulled.  he asked me 14 times this morning if it was time to go to the dentist yet.  it definitely helped matters that his favorite girl, allie, had two teeth pulled a few months ago.  and since she said it was nothing, he trusted her.  i guess.  all i know is that he told the dentist to pull it out, never flinched when they put the mask on for the gas, never took his eyes off the movie he was watching, and never made a sound.   he thought it was awesome.  he laughed when it was over, and said, "mama...they pulled out my tooth, and i didn't even know it!"

clearly, i'm going to have to start going to a pediatric dentist.

other than some drool that he didn't know was dripping down his chin, this was just a day at the park.  and now he has this cute, gaping smile to show for it!!


Anna H said...

way too cute! way to go william!

Anonymous said...

Big brave guy. Cute one too. Honey