Tuesday, June 28, 2011

some sand in our toes

the place we stayed was across the street from the beach on the bay side.  so the beach is really a non-factor in our "beach" vacation.  as you can see from previous pictures, with all the water slides and cool pools, none of our kiddos seemed to mind the lack of sand between their toes.  but we figured we should at least go to the beach while we were at the beach!  and it was a big hit...well, at least with most everybody.

we chose a different boardwalk this year, and it was a much shorter walk.  it made for happier feet for sure!

i don't know when this kid got so big.  is he 12?

at least these two don't look like teenagers.

wes was totally digging the beach.  he didn't want to leave.  we are headed back at the end of the summer to actually stay on the beach.  i think this boy will get his fill of the sand!

but everybody got in on the action!

well i take that back...these two little ones didn't care much for the beach...

and they preferred to be held.

the sun didn't show it's face much while we were there, but a moon did.

these two stood around and tried to look cool.

so did these three!

and then i got a new profile pic for facebook!

so...our trip to the beach while we were at the beach was a big success, and mine are ready to go back.  me too!

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Anonymous said...

Great post and wonderful pictures. Good job Laura. It really was a great time. Honey