Sunday, June 26, 2011

i have to split this up

this past week, all 18 hensons spent the week at the beach.  with 8 kids under the age of 5, it can get a tad bit loud...but they didn't seem to mind!!   chase told me there was no way i could do just one post since i had so many pictures.  so as not to bore all 4 of my readers, i'm going to split this up and do several posts to help out you and me both!

after some early morning cartoons in which somewhere between 2-7 kids piled in william and wes' bed, they were ready to start the day each day!

every day, we split our time at the pools, lazy river and water slides.

don't let that picture above fool you.  that is the only time they were in those floats.  yes...i now am the parent to those annoying kids that swim through the lazy river without an inner tube.  the ones that swim like a bullet underneath your tube, splashing, hollering...yep, those are my kids.  and yes, i said not nice things about those kids in previous years.  yay.

that's reed practicing his scowl for when he turns 14!

and we made sure to stop on this day (and every day) for snack time!

in the afternoons, most everybody would take a nap.  reed tried to convince me on several occasions that he would totally not bother anyone and sleep perfectly with william and/or wes.

the little squirmy man did not win that battle.  maybe next year!!

after naps, we would head back out and play some more.

sam had a death grip on that bee's antennae, but he looked cute floating around!

i didn't get any pictures of reed swimming because i was in the water with him, but by the last day he was jumping off the wall at warp speed.  over and over.  and over.  followed by a nice little fit when i made him get out.  nothing a popsicle or two couldn't fix, though!  bribing is perfectly accepted while on vacation, right?!?

stay tuned for part 2, 3 and maybe 4! :)


Tim Hoffecker said...

In reed's serious picture, I can see him using it when he is in a tennis match before saying, "are you serious, that ball was in!"

DK Baria said...

glad to see that at least one of your kids has the "gth" scowl that you mastered very early on in life. you got it from your daddy. it will be nice for you to be on the other end of it. i think the phrase is, "what goes around comes around." your loveing mama.