Sunday, June 19, 2011

happy day to all you fathers

just wanted to give a shout out to my dad today and say happy father's day.  anybody that has ever been around him for even a second knows that he embodies the true meaning of a servant.  selfless servant.  i hope my kids get at least half of that gene from you!  i love you.

(i ran across this picture and just thought he was too cute back in 1987!)

and a happy father's day to my father-in-law as well.  i couldn't have done any better in that department.  he's almost as easy-going as i am.  almost.  :)

as for the father in this house...y'all know he can't stand the tributes that everybody writes on their blogs/facebook pages, so i won't.  he got an iPad for our anniversary a few weeks ago, so i'm going to say that is his father's day present.  but don't think that is all he received on this special day.  last week i asked william and wes what they wanted to give daddy for father's day.  they had specific requests.

william: "i'm gonna get him a flashlight in case he needs to go to the bathroom at night.  that way he'll be able to see when he gets up."

wes: "i'm gonna get him some chicken noodle soup so in case he gets sick, mama can cook him some to make him better."

so there you have it ladies and gentleman...every father's dream.  a flashlight and soup.  what more could you ask for?!?!?!

and since i can't write a tribute, i'll leave you with this video dedicated to chase and all you other awesome dads out there!!


DK Baria said...

love the video!!!! right all the way a round on your comments about the dads in your life. yep, he was cute then and still is now.

Anonymous said...

Where do you get this stuff!

Thomas & Amber Ryan said...

LOVE IT! Stealing. :)

Anonymous said...

Laura Lu......I need to talk to you IMMEDIATELY. I do not have your email me :