Tuesday, December 14, 2010

the wishes have been made!

william and wes sat down last week and penned their letters to santa.  much thought went into it.

well, not really.  wes has been saying for months that all he wants for christmas is a snake (that he will name joey) and a watch.  and that's what he asked santa for.  all that william wrote down on his list was "buzz."

really??  i can handle a snake and a watch, but buzz?  we have a buzz.  we have several buzzes.  but this is a different buzz.  this buzz has "a blue belt that lights up."  and wouldn't you know that both wal-marts are out of special space ranger buzz?!  and this mama is not about to brave toys r us in mid-december.  so thank you to my friend, the internet, for helping santa out this year!!

after they folded their letters perfectly and got the outside of the envelope just right, they left their letters with eddie to take back to santa when he flew to the north pole.  this was a welcome surprise.  last year, william only trusted mr. danny at the post office with his letter to santa.  but since mr. danny retired last month, i guess eddie was the next best thing!

and chase and i have had to make a list of what else to give them since all they want are 3 things.  i keep asking them to tell me some other things, and chase keeps telling me to hush.  he likes the fact that they don't ask for much and says that in a few years they'll be asking for hundreds of dollars of electronics.  so, we need to enjoy the buzz and the snake named joey years!  fair enough.  as long as amazon delivers that buzz to my door on time!


Anonymous said...

Not a live snake - huh?

Anonymous said...

Thought I was going to have to go to walmart or toys r us. Honey

Heather said...

I remember when Anna Katherine was in first grade and asked for a jump rope and umbrella. Yes, times have changed!! Enjoy the simplicity of the wish list while it lasts!!!

Hooks Family said...

oh my- both my boys asked for the Buzz with the blue utility belt too!!! I ended up having to order them from Toys R Us!!!!!

Leigh Ann said...

Glad to see the Elf can get letters to the North Pole. Ours are still not finished! We are going to have to send ours tomorrow by Elf Wise.