Wednesday, December 15, 2010

inclement weather day

school was called off today.  unfortunately, i found this out 5 minutes after i woke all my people up at 630. i will now be checking the wtva website every morning at 620 from now until april.  live and learn.

school was called off today because of this.

well not because there was ice on my bird feeder (which apparently needs bird seed and a good cleaning).  there was ice on the roads.  or bridges.  or something.  i never saw it, but that's what they said.
therefore, we spent the day in this position watching "moobies."  it was a very productive snow day.

ok, in all fairness, i did actually accomplish a few things.  see this?

it might not look like much to the untrained eye.  however, i did not tie those shoes!!  can you hear the hallelujah chorus??  yes...i have a kid that can tie his shoes!

double knots, no less!

so that, along with the 100 cookies i spent the day baking for all the church and school functions we have over the next 3 days is how i spent this snow day.  while it was nice to be out of the routine for a bit, i'm hoping for less "moobies" and more snow on our next "snow" day!


Anonymous said...

What is a moobie?

Lance and DK said...


looks like y'all went to get haircuts recently, too.