Monday, December 20, 2010

church program

last week, we had our annual christmas program at church.  i was in charge of the 2s and 3s and getting the shepherds dressed, so i didn't get to see the entire program.  but what i did see was precious.

wes got a little upset that he didn't get to stand directly in front of william like he did in the dress rehearsal, but i was right there to tell him that it was fine.  tears were avoided, and he sang like a champ.

as a side note, the kid standing beside him (in the same sweater!) belongs to the valedictorian of my high school class.  he used to try to cheat off of me in calculus.  just kidding, west!!  they recently moved to town, and how fun is it that our kids get to grow up together?!?

william isn't really much for singing in front of people.  but he got into it at one point.

and then he and all his shepherd homies just chilled while waiting on their turn to walk to bethlehem.

we also had a very cute mary and joseph.

along with the angels.

and for the record...i only lost one 2 year old.  but, i found him just before the program started.  so, the show went on.  baby jesus was born.  angels sang.  shepherds worshipped.



Lance and DK said...

does this bring back memories of the moorhead umc live navitity?! chuckle chuckle.

Anonymous said...

What a heavenly bunch. Bet there was a bunch of proud parents there. Sorry I missed it. Honey