Sunday, April 18, 2010

first lesson...kind of

metz came to town last week.  we were glad that he stopped by just to chat.

but all william knew was that this guy plays tennis.  and since all william wants to do these days is play tennis, he decided that this tennis player guy should get out in the driveway and play with him.  period.  no ifs, ands or buts about it.

william got a quickstart net and balls for christmas, and he's been putting it to use since the weather has been warmer.  but now that he got some real instruction (chase and i obviously don't know how to play tennis in his little mind), he's all about it!

i knew that he would listen to somebody else better than he would listen to me or chase (despite the fact that we could actually teach the kid how to play the game), but it was amazing to see how much better he hit the ball after 30 seconds of "teaching" by someone else.

we hope to see lots more of this in the near future!

otherwise, we may have to drive to columbus to get some lessons!

and for the traded out this lesson with a smoothie for the road on metz's drive back to starkville!  i'm guessing that won't cut it in the future??


Anonymous said...

His first tennis lesson! Wow. Hope Metz makes it to tupelo - William can be his first tupelo student. Honey

Anonymous said...

Here we go!


Lance and DK said...

wow! love the form and he is watching the ball, too. looks like we have another one in the family. like G said, "here we go again." fun time ahead. kakki

Thomas & Amber Ryan said...

well metz is from the muck so i am sure william will be a top notch tennis player! (plus it is in his genes and all that) ;-)