Friday, April 16, 2010

clampetts of north mississippi

this is an apology to my neighbors.

in the last week, i have looked out my window to see wes in the front yard (who was supposed to playing in the backyard) running around in his boxers and crocs.  i've seen him with his shorts and boxers around his ankles...peeing.  and i looked out the other day to see two children playing who were fully clothed when they walked out...

 one of the houses is vacant and for sale. 

to the others: please don't move!!  i'm surrounded by testosterone, and i'm doing the best i can!


Anonymous said...

Hill boys!

Sara said...

My three year old decided to pee outside at Mother's Morning Out last week. In front of one of the class windows! I was so embarassed, when his teacher told me!

Heather said...

Have you forgotten that Walt pulled his pants down last summer and pooped in our front yard? You have nothing to worry about...if we move anywhere, it's because we're afraid we're scaring the neighbors!!!