Monday, April 5, 2010

easter and more...

grab some popcorn.  and a drink.  you might want to go to the bathroom before reading this.  we've been busy, and i don't feel like making a bunch of different posts, so i'm about to rock this post with all kinds of pictures!

last thursday, leigh ann, had a whole bunch of crazy people over to her house.  the kids decorated more than 70 bags, and we filled them with fruit, candy and lots of easter love.  then we delivered them to an assisted living facility in town.  it was a really sweet time! 

and then wes asked a lady in a wheelchair, "why you not got another foot?"  so we decided to call it day. 

later, some eggs got worked over by william and wes.  and thankfully this year, we were able to do it outside so nothing inside got broken or turned purple. 


they worked them over good.

and were very happy to show off their finished products. 

then poppa and kakki came to town.  

william is all about some obstacle courses, and poppa was a good opponent!

on saturday, we hit up the country club to work off some energy and hunt for eggs.

reed was snotty, but he didn't mind being along for the ride. 

and the other two didn't mind the snow cones. 

or the magician.

and i've already stated that we are obsessed with hunting eggs. 

it was past this one's nap time, but he was still smiling...

then came ping pong, bike riding, and basketball. 

after not enough sleep, we got up to see what the easter bunny had left.   william got new cleats (aside from church, they haven't come off of his feet). 

wes got jelly beans and m&ms.  actually he got other stuff, but this is what he cared most about.

reed got some loot, too.

and he might take after wes because he went straight for his eggs as well!  

then we got dressed up and headed to church.

reed wore the same sweet outfit that honey made for william on his first easter.  i can't believe it made it through all three boys and is still in one piece and the same color it was 4 years ago.  i'm not sure i can say that about any other article of clothing that we own. 

easter has always been my favorite holiday.  as one of our elders said on sunday, "easter is the celebration of the solution to our problem."  amen.  and although we should strive to celebrate the solution every single day of the year, i can't wait to do it all over again next year!!


Anonymous said...

I like these long posts."Celebration of our solution" is a good way to put it.

Thomas & Amber Ryan said...

Great pics, LBH! reed has grown SO fast!!!

Bluebird Hill said...

I love a good holiday with family and a lot of time outside! What good memories they will have!
I would love to know how you make your pictures large if you get a minute. My email is
Thanks - Emily