Friday, January 2, 2009

it's like i'm living with a miniature joey

if you've never been a fan of the tv show, friends, then that title isn't going to make a lick of sense to you. if so, well then....

do you remember that episode when phoebe was trying to teach joey how to speak french so he could land a role in a play? well, i'm totally phoebe, and wes is joey. except that we are trying to speak english. and not a bunch of it. just a word or two.

it goes something like this...
wes walks to the cabinet where the cups are and points, then screams.
me: "you want something to drink?"
wes: nods his head yes
me: "can you say cup?"
wes: "taaa-eeeeee"
me: "no, that doesn't sound anything like cup. say, cup!"
wes: "eeee-aahhh"
me: "not really. can you say cuh?"
wes: "cuh."
me: "yeah! can you say up?"
wes: "up."
me: "good. now put it together. say, cup!"
wes: "ahbadooooooo"
me: "nevermind. here's your drink."

(i mean, seriously, how hard is it? we ride down the road by a construction site, and the kid screams, "tactuh! tactuh!")

me: "can you say thank you?"
wes: "uh-uh"
me: "say thank."
wes: "tank"
me: "say you"
wes: "oooo"
me: "thank you?"
wes: "ahbladeeeee"

this is why i'm insane by the end of the day!

me: "can you say i love you, mama?"
wes: "uh oooo, mama."

well, he loves me and tractors. i guess there could be worse things!


Amber said...

too funny! i remember that episode... kennedy has three new words... juice, cheese and shoes. thomas says she is also saying superkalafragalisticexpialadocia. LOL!

Lisa Trotter said...

Now that's a funny AND precious post!!! :) Most parents (and fans of Friends) can sooooo relate!! And p.s. - I love the pic at the top of your blog!!!! It's really great!!! :)

jessica said...

hey...have you played the scene it friends game? we played the ther day...come to kansas so we can play. i was just remembering the other day about tribond...and how stupid you made me feel...oh wait that was all of college. :) love you