Tuesday, December 30, 2008

hallelujah for the hot weather!!!

ok, so anybody that knows me understands that i love me some 90 degree weather. hot sunshine. not a cloud in the sky. windows rolled down. it just makes for a great, great day!

so, i know it comes as a surprise that i would even consider 50 degree weather in the "hot" range. but, it has been so completely nasty, rainy, and cold here for like...ever. and did i mention rainy?!?

well, these past two days it finally made it into the 50s without any accompanying rain clouds. therefore, i shoved the little people out the door. i was going to lock the door and refuse to let them in. but, i could have left the door wide open, and neither of them was going back through it!

so, i did a little laundry and cleaned the kitchen in peace. then, when i realized that they were out for the duration, i finished off the reese's peanut butter cups that filled the little people's stockings (they'll never know) and perused the MS magazine wedding register. in peace.

somebody please tell me that summer is almost here?!?!


Lance and DK said...

i love seeing them playing together. kakki
oh, like the new background, too.

laura said...

they are so cute! hard to believe that my 2 will be doing this before too long. happy new year to y'all!

Anonymous said...

it is only fitting that wes would climb into the sandbox. honey

Anonymous said...

Don't ever quit sending out these memories! G

Anonymous said...

Hey! I look at your blog all the time. You always make me laugh out loud! I hope y'all had a great Christmas. Your card was PRECIOUS!!! Did you get ours? I was scared I had the wrong address.

Thomas & Amber Ryan said...

they look adorable playing together. makes me want another baby! happy new year!