Sunday, December 28, 2008

december twenty-five!

making cookies for santa on christmas eve

making sure that santa will like them

working off some energy post-bath before hitting the pillow for a long winter's nap

part of our christmas decorations includes a calendar-type thing that hangs on the wall in our kitchen. each day has a pocket, and each pocket has a 3 musketeers in it for each little person. so every day, we would count down the days until christmas...and eat chocolate. who says i'm not a cool mom?

anyway, william knew that the 25 was christmas day. not before. so, when i got william out of bed on christmas morning, i had to convince him that it really was christmas! he made me show him my watch with the 25 on it before he was ready to go downstairs and begin the festivities!

waiting on the ok to head downstairs on christmas morning!

dinosaurs!! finally!!

wes getting in on the action, too!

this kid is in heaven!

they really, really wanted to take a break for this pic!

a rousing game of hungry, hungry hippos! wes is actually pretty good at it (when he doesn't try to eat the marbles)!

the new teepee is a hit. add his sleeping bag, and it's the perfect camp out spot in his room every night!

after all the presents were opened, i heard the back door open. ben walked in, said hey to everyone on his way through the kitchen, and then he and william conquered the world! it was great. they played trucks downstairs. trains upstairs. put a puzzle together. chased each other in circles around the house on plasma cars, and then went outside to ride ben's motorcycle and apparently play in mud puddles. in the meantime, i got dressed, cleaned up and started cooking lunch! come over anytime, ben!!

the obligatory family christmas photo in front of the fireplace!

i hope everyone had a great christmas! we did, but don't think that i didn't get every single decoration and the tree put up before lunchtime on the 26th! while i enjoy this time of year, i also like order in my house. and the 364 days ahead before i have to do it again!!

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Rachael Tackett said...

Looks like everyone got a drum this year...