Saturday, January 24, 2009

happy birthday to my partner in crime!

this is mandy.

today is she is 30 something years old.

we won't go into details, but let's make it known that she is definitely older than me. and always will be.

the first time we met, it was my freshman year of college. we were in line at the gym for physicals, and she tried to make some kind of small talk. yeah, right. my one word answers didn't really lead us into a deep conversation, and she mistook that for snooty. (candace is nodding her head right now totally understanding this.) anyway, she left thinking i was mean, and i left thinking she had a big mouth. only one of us was right. everybody who knows her will agree with me on this one!!

anyway, our first road trip was a mere week away. i was on the seat behind her. after listening to her gripe for what seemed like an eternity about her loser boyfriend, i finally jumped in and told her that she was going to have to put on her big girl panties and get over this moron, or i was going to pull my racket out of my bag and beat her with it.

after that, we had about 12 hours to get to know each other in that van. and know each other, we did! we were pretty much inseparable throughout college, and i don't think we've been more than a week without talking to each other since.

i was looking through some old pictures last night, and i was giggling every time i got to a new one! i couldn't figure out for the life of me which one to put in this "happy birthday" post. so, i just decided to put quite a few. (forgive the the shoddiness of the pics...most were from a day and age where we all used disposable cameras for our photo needs!) i won't go into details about each one because i know nobody cares. but, i had to let her get a laugh on her birthday! and, yes i know that many of them look as though we are rednecks. but, when you a put a girl from the delta and a girl from neshoba county together...what do you expect?

happy birthday, friend!! next time i'm in town, we will celebrate. execpt celebrations at this age will involve sweet tea and a bedtime of 9 o'clock. because i am a little crazy in my old age!


Mandy said...

You're right...I did get a good laugh out of these pictures. Boy, we were crazy but we did have A LOT of fun! I'm not crazy about some of these pictures appearing on a public blog, but at least you didn't choose some of the others. :) I can't wait until May...payback time!

Candace said... not the only one...maybe we need a 12 hour car ride too...yay for the swing set..i know the boys were thrilled!